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Letter to customers: Our role and responsibility in navigating COVID-19

Dear Parents and Staff:

In order to allow staff to have less exposure and allow them to be with their families we are making the decision to temporarily close 3 of our locations:

Just for Tots #1

Just for Tots #3

Just for Tots #4

Each location will be closed starting Monday March 30th and Re-open Monday April 6th no matter what the school district decides to do we will open our doors once again.  During this time we will be doing some remodeling and deep cleaning of our locations.  These are precautionary steps we are taking and no staff, child, or parent has been affected by COVID-19 in any of our centers. 

If you are considered an essential employee and need care you are more than welcome to bring your child to Just for Tots #2 on elms road with your employer travel letter and we will continue care for that week at that location.   

Parents will not be charged fees for not bringing their children during this time.  We want to help everyone we can during this difficult time and are understanding.  Thank you for being a part of Just for Tots.

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