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School Age

An important quality of the program is the extended family atmosphere that exists for children both before-and after-school. Each child receives individual attention in the relaxed but active environment, with attention given to social needs as well as homework. Children in the School-Age program have the need to relax both before and after their busy day at school, complete assigned school projects with teacher assistance and pursue other activities of interest to them. The environment is designed to reflect the interests and capabilities of 5-12 year olds.


The School-Age program is designed to provide children time to play outdoors, interact with friends, explore creative arts, play games, work puzzles, and construct with various manipulative toys and blocks. In addition, we recognize that children need dedicated space, time and support for their daily homework assignments, and every effort will be made to insure that they receive these.


Goals for the children include:

**To help children learn to live a successful life with love at the center of all experience.

**To provide a program that allows children to develop in the areas of social, emotional cognitive and physical growth.

**To develop a positive self concept through social interactions that involve cooperation, conflict resolution and relationship building.

Schools we Serve
Pat Carney 
Clear Creek
Dr. Joseph A. Fowler
Pershing Park
Reeces Creek
Venable Village
Willow Springs

Cedar Valley
Timber Ridge









Our program is designed to provide a warm, welcoming environment where your baby can thrive and grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. With our emphasis on creating a loving, healthy, and safe place for your child to feel secure, each babys primary caregiver is a nurturing child development professional who is responsible for your babys prime times: those critical one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication.

Our Commitment to Excellence begins in our Infant Program and includes:

** A trusting partnership between our caregivers and each baby's parents

** A daily schedule, developed with you, to meet the unique, individual needs of your baby

** Our High Reach Infant Curriculum, which provides opportunities to enjoy, explore, and learn by touching, hearing, seeing, and grasping many exciting new concepts

** A detailed account of your child's schedule and activities, carefully documented for your review at the end of each day



18 months to 3 years old


Toddlers are eager, energetic learners. They love to say "I did it myself!" Our toddler classrooms are busy, happy places, where children can learn, explore, sing, and dance. Our program for toddlers was designed to encourage each child's growing need for independence, and to foster the development of their self-esteem in a safe, supportive manner. Careful consideration is given to classroom arrangement and the selection of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to encourage learning at each stage of toddler development.

** Weekly enrichments to each month's theme that will build on your toddler's development and emerging interests and abilities

** Daily communication between parents and caregivers

** Clearly defined and labeled learning centers to help your toddler understand that materials and equipment have a special place

** Ample opportunities for your toddler to practice self-help skills, like eating, using the bathroom, and dressing themselves for outdoor play

** Help with potty training and moving to Pre-K



3 years old to 5 years old


Our Pre-K program is designed for children from three years of age to five years.  Our program is carefully planned to keep your child busy and learning through a variety of hands-on experiences each day. The daily classroom practice and programming objectives are designed to support Preschool and Child Care Centers philosophy and established long-term goals.

The curriculum in the Pre-K classroom is based on accepted current early childhood education theory and methodology and is organized around the basic tenet that children learn first about themselves, their close environment and their families, and then build upon that learning to expand their horizons according to interests and experiential opportunities. The curriculum throughout the center focuses on the developmental needs of the whole child emphasizing the integration of themes and designed to include opportunities for children to develop in these areas through small and large group activities, self-selected and self-directed independent activities, teacher-initiated activities, time indoors and outdoors, quiet times and active times.

The variety of activites and materials used in the Pre-K classroom allows children to explore their environment through their senses. To encourage the development of the whole child, our teachers select developmentally (or age) appropriate activities from seven main areas of concentration  language arts and early literacy skills, fine motor, large motor, sensory experiences, science and pre-math, self-care an pre-school learning skills. The activities involve thinking, muscle coordination, imagination and problem solving skills which form the building blocks laid in preparation for formal education and higher reasoning used later in life.

Our curriculum is the same curriculum used in the Killeen Independent School district and is taught in the same manner.  For more information about our program visit

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